Step 23: Browse The Aisles of Your Local Supermarket

Eating the same foods on the same days every week is a good way to manage your calories. It makes it easier to plan the calorie amount contained in each meal and whether these will add up to more or less of your daily calorie intake. However, eating the same thing week after week can be monotonous. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little and try different food combinations.

For this next exercise I’d like you to complete the attached PDF and record the regular meals you’re starting to get bored of, the calorie content of the meal, and a more exciting alternative you could replace it with. You’ll need to visit the supermarket and examine the calorie content of any potential foods you’re considering as replacements. Make sure these exciting new items don’t take you over your allotted calorie limit for each meal. If they do you’ll have to make it up by eating less of it or reducing the calories in your other meals.

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