Step 19: The Day After: Weighing Yourself

Try weighing yourself today to see if you’ve lost any weight. Don’t worry if you haven’t lost anything yet, it’s only day two, after all.

If you know anyone who is currently trying to lose weight, or who has successfully lost weight in the past, ask them how long it took before they noticed a difference on the scales.

If you don’t know anyone who’s tried weight loss, or even if you do, use the internet and find out how long it takes the average person to start noticing a difference in their weight when starting a weight loss plan. You might find that some people notice a difference right away, while others need to wait several days or more.

Hopefully you’ve already decided on a regular time to weigh yourself each day. If not, try doing it every morning when you get up. Weighing yourself when naked is ideal, as you don’t have to deduct the weight of your clothes afterwards, just remember to close the curtains first.

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