Step 27: New Low Calorie Cold Drinks To Experiment With

If you’re a big fan of cold drinks, I’d like you to consider low calorie diet versions of your favourite tipples. A small can of Pepsi contains approximately 135 calories, while the same sized can of Pepsi Max (the diet equivalent) contains just 1 calorie. That’s not a typo – it really has just 1 calorie. As you can see, you can drink plenty of the diet version without worrying about exceeding your daily calorie limit. However, just a a few of cans of regular Pepsi can constitute a whole meal in terms of calories consumed.

I’d like you to visit your local supermarket and make a note of the difference in calories between regular cold drinks and their diet counterparts. Use the attached PDF to record your results. In the majority of cases you’ll find the diet versions taste just as good as the regular ones.

Finally, when it comes to cold drinks, always remember that plain old tap water is healthy, refreshing and totally free of calories.

New Cold Drink - Download Now

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