Step 13: Healthier Versions of Your Usual Foods

Eating less of your usual food and drink is one way to loose weight, but what about finding healthier alternatives to these foods? If you drink a lot of Coca Cola, visit your local supermarket and have a look at lower calorie versions of the same drink. They may have the same taste, but much fewer calories.

Print off the attached PDF and make a list of your favourite high-calorie foods. Next time you go to the supermarket use the list to note lower calorie versions of the same foods. As well as being healthier, you might find they’re cheaper too.

When you’re not eating at home you might be eating in restaurants. Chain restaurants regularly show the calorie content of their foods online. Try visiting a KFC or Burger King website and you’ll see calorie information displayed.

If you eat at non-chain restaurants, assessing calorie content is much more difficult. You might enjoy visiting your local family-run Italian restaurant every weekend, but how many calories are in that carbonara you always order? Try Googling the typical calories in an average restaurant carbonara. You might be surprised.

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