Step 39: Extreme Measures: Try Massive Daily Calorie Reductions

Some of you might be struggling to stay under your daily calorie limits. As a result, you’re not losing 0.5Kg a week as planned. If this has been the case for the last several weeks or more, extreme measures may be required.

If you’re having difficulty with your weight loss I’d like you to consider lowering your daily calorie intake. Now, I’m not talking about lowering it by 50 calories, I’m taking about a much bigger number – say, 30%-40% of your daily total.

I’d like you to take some time and complete the attached PDF. The aim is to identify the meals you can shave calories from. This example is based on a 1500 daily calorie limit. If you want to reduce your daily intake by 40%, then you need to cut around 600 calories. Page 1 of the worksheet show a completed example for you to look at. Page 2 contains a blank template for you to complete.

Good luck!

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