Step 8: Find out what a healthy weight for your height should be

Do you know what a healthy weight is for your height? You should do!  I want you to do the following:

1.Find out your current BMI (Body Mass Index) by visiting:

2. Once you get the result you will see a healthy weight range for your height. Record this weight range.

3. Visualise what you would look like at various points on the range.  So consider what you would look like at the lowest weight, highest weight and the mid point.  

4. Take the image you are most fond of and then estimate how much more or less weight you would need to add to feel good about yourself.  Make sure the actual weight is within the healthy range.

So for example if the healthy range for your height is 45kg to 60kg imagine yourself what you would look like at 45kg, 52.5kg and 60kg.  If you like the look of yourself at 52.5kg but would like a slimmer tummy then knock off a couple of kg and round it down (or up!) and you will get to a healthy weight of 50kg.

You know how you would look.  If you are big boned you may realise a weight towards the 60kg would look better.

If you’ve already started working your way through the 52 Steps and need to pick up where you left off, you can find the full list of Steps below.