Step 11: Think About Your Eating Style

I’d like you to think about your eating style. Do you have three square meals a day or do you repeatedly graze throughout the day? Maybe you skip breakfast and lunch and go straight for dinner? Attached to this step is a blank seven-day meal template. I’d like you to fill it in over the course of the week and record which meals you eat and which you skip.

I’d also like you to carry out some online research on the recommended number of meals a person should have every day. Try visiting the NHS website to start with. Conventional wisdom tells us that three meals a day is the healthy way to eat, but you may find alternative recommendations out there.

Once you’ve established the number of meals you’re eating per day I’d like you to think about how many calories you’ll be eating with every meal. Use the internet and find out if you should be dividing your daily caloric intake evenly between each meal, or whether you should be having most of your calories at dinner. If you have friends who are trying to lose weight, ask them how many meals they’re eating each day and how many calories they eat at every meal.

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