The strategy is simple. You need follow these 6 steps:

1. Get Motivated

If there is no motivation why would you do it? Motivation is like fuel for a car. Without it you will not get from A to B. A is where you are. Overweight. B is where you want to get to. Slim. If nothing is propelling you towards where you want to be then it ain’t going to happen. But don’t worry. I will show you how to get motivated.

2. Create Target Plan

Setting targets is key to your journey. Not only do we need to set a target start date and target weight we need to set targets in between to keep you on your path. I will show you how to set a sensible start date, achievable micro targets, target daily calorie intake and the right target end weight to be and when. With this we create your Target Plan.

3. Get Prepared

You need to prepare yourself for this journey. I will tell you what you need to get and what you need to do before you start to ensure a higher chance of success. We all understand the importance of preparation.

4. Start

So you have got motivated, set your targets and made preparations the natural next step is to execute the plan and start! I will give you tips that will take you from the night be before the start date to the first week. Week 1 is crucial. Executing week 1 of the plan successfully creates a snowball effect making the probability of success of future weeks much more likely.

5. Keep On Track

You need to keep track of your progress. I will help you with what to do when you hit, surpass or fail micro targets over the long term. You will do all three. You will hit, surpass and fail for sure. It is important that in spite of surpassing and failing you do not become over confident or disheartened and give up all together. I will help you get to A to B without ending up at C!

6. Adjust If Necessary

In an ideal world you set your targets and you achieve them. Happily ever after. In the real world however things often don’t go to plan AND that’s OK. I will show you when it feels and looks like you are heading to C instead of B and what to adjust so you don’t lose faith. This is as crucial as Week 1 as it is where a lot of people fail, lose faith and simply put the weight back on.

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