Step 20: Reviewing Your First Week of Weight Loss

By day 3 you should be noticing a difference when you weigh yourself. If not, don’t panic, you might just be eating too many calories. Have another look at your daily calorie limit and everything you’ve been eating so far. Even a small can of Coke contains more than 100 calories. One or two of these a day is enough to put you over your limit.

Once you’ve identified the foods that are causing the problem and how many calories over your limit you are, use the attached PDF to record what they are, whether they’re essential, and ways you can avoid eating too much of them.

If you’re struggling to stick to your weight loss plan or missing those big meals you used to eat, remind yourself why you’re losing weight in the first place and how much better you’ll look when you reach your target weight. If you haven’t done so already make a list of your top 10 reasons for losing weight and rank each one in order of importance.

I’d also advise you to visit some online weight loss forums and see how other people have coped in the first few days of their weight loss plan. Try and find some self-confidence building tips or mantras that you can repeat to yourself when you’re really struggling. Remember, you get out what you put in. Losing weight is always difficult but we both know you can do it.


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