Step 52: Maintaining Your Target Weight And Monitoring Fluctuations

You’ve reached your target weight. Congratulations! You’ve done a fantastic job. All you have to do now is maintain your target weight, or more precisely, your target weight “range.”

You’re never going to be the same weight every day, as weight naturally fluctuates on a day-to-day basis. It’s up to you to decide what your target weight range should be, but as a rule it shouldn’t be more than 2% of your total weight. If your target weight is 70Kg, then 2% of this is 1.4Kg, so your target weight range is anywhere between 68.6Kg-71.4Kg.

I’d like you to decide what your target weight range is and enter it into the attached worksheet. As you’re looking to maintain your weight you can probably afford to increase your daily calorie limit from, say, 1600 calories to 2000 calories. Record both your old and new daily calorie limits in the form as well. Remember to stick to your limits and continue weighing yourself every day.

At the end of each week I’d like you to record your weight in the worksheet. As the weeks go by you’ll be able to see if you’re sticking to a weight within your weight range. If you’re putting on too much weight you’ll have to think about reducing your daily calorie limit slightly.

This could be the first time you’ve ever had to maintain a healthy weight, so it may require some trial and error before you find a new daily calorie limit that works for you.

For this next exercise I’d like you to Google ‘Maintain a healthy weight’ and record 10 things that you can do to hold on to your new waistline and maintain your current weight.

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