Step 41: Reviewing Your Progress so Far And Making Changes As Necessary

You might find that your weight loss goes well for the first few weeks or months, but then it gradually slows down or stops completely. You’re still sticking to your daily calorie limit and weighing yourself regularly, so what’s gone wrong? Your weight loss has dropped off and ‘plateaued’ – a common occurrence for some people when trying to lose weight.

The key is not to panic. Try starting over and deciding on a new weekly weight loss target, a new rate of weight loss and a new daily calorie intake. You might decide that losing 0.5Kg per week was too ambitious, in which case, consider reducing this to 0.4Kg per week. If you need to, go back to Step 10 and download another blank weight loss plan template.

As well as re-doing your weight loss plan, I’d like you to think about reducing your daily calorie limit. If you were previously sticking to 1600 calories a day, consider reducing this to 1200 calories a day. Use the attached PDF to plan your new calorie limits for each meal and see how much you can reduce your daily calorie limit.

New Calorie Limits- Download Now

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