Step 30: Why Putting Less on Your Plate Can Aid With Your Weight Loss

When we sit down in front of a full plate of food we tend to think that we have to eat all of it. Not doing so can make it seem as if we’re being wasteful.

When you’re trying to lose weight, think about putting less on your plate to start with. I’d like you to try Googling “Put less food on my plate” and see what comes up. You’ll probably find several useful sites offering tips and other advice on how to eat less and still feel full afterwards. Use the attached PDF to record at least 5 reasons why putting less on your plate can be beneficial.

I’d also like you to look at your meals throughout the week. Consider halving portions of certain calorific foods – one half today and another tomorrow. This way you’re not wasting food, merely making it last longer.

5 Reasons to Put Less on Plate - Download Now

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