Step 24: Eat Junk Food If You Want To

There’s nothing wrong with eating junk food, as long as you don’t go over your daily calorie limit. If you never treat yourself to a bit of junk food you’ll probably end up craving it. You might even end up binging on it.

Fill in the attached PDF and list your top 6 favourite junk foods and how many calories are in each serving. This way, if you have a craving for ice cream, you can indulge yourself, while at the same time being aware of the additional calories your consuming. If this indulgence takes you over your daily limit, consider eating less at your next meal, or skipping your next meal entirely.

Junk food isn’t all bad and certain kinds have surprising health benefits. I’d like you to Google “Benefits of junk food” and see what comes up. You may never look at chocolate the same way.

Favourite Junk Food - Download Now

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