Step 44: If You’re Struggling To Lose Weight, Try Skipping Breakfast

If you’re struggling to lose weight despite sticking to your plan and completing the exercises in the previous few Steps, I’d like you to consider skipping breakfast. This may not work for everyone, but it can be a good way of reducing your daily calorie intake. However, if your usual breakfast consists of 400 calories, don’t add this amount to any of your other meals. The aim is to reduce your daily calorie intake, not to add the calories you’d normally have at breakfast to another meal.

If you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to skip breakfast every day, think about skipping it every other day. For example, skip breakfast on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If you typically consume 400 calories every breakfast, then skipping it four times a week saves 1600 calories per week, or approximately 230 calories per day. If you’re looking to cut your intake by 400-500 calories per day, the skipping breakfast method, along with eating low calorie snacks and drinks, can help you achieve this.

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