Step 51: Share your weight loss tips with people you know and you will receive tips back!

You’ve probably received useful weight loss tips from friends, family and the internet since you started your weight loss journey. Now it’s time to give some love back.

Most of us now at least one person who wants to lose weight, so I’d like you to share some tips with them. They have the benefit of knowing someone with first hand experience of weight loss.

If you want to widen your audience a bit more, consider going digital and posting tips on a blog or social media page. If you share your knowledge you’ll find others do the same in return.

I’d like you to complete the attached PDF worksheet and make a list of six people you can share your weight loss tips with. It could be that your local Weight Watchers group would benefit from your inside knowledge, and maybe your overweight uncle (we all have one) is also a deserving recipient. You decide.

People to Share With - Download Now

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