You are now at your target weight. Well done. Now there is no point of getting to your target  if you have no intention of staying there.  So how do you stay at your target weight? Well I have some good news and bad news. I will start with the bad news as it’s traditional!

The bad news is you can’t maintain your target weight. It is practically impossible to stay at your target weight forever.  You cannot expect to be the exact weight everyday.  Some days you will put on and other days you will lose. But don’t despair.  Here is the good news…..

You can maintain a target weight range.

You can hover around your target weight which will be much easier to do and I will show you how.

To do this you will need to do the following:

Set weight range

Set new daily calorie intake

Continue to weigh yourself everyday

And on occasions you will need to:

Lower your calorie intake when you are above your target weight

Starve yourself when you are above your target weight range

1. Set Weight Range

Your weight range is + and – a certain amount of weight from your target weight. The question is what certain amount do you choose? Well that’s up to you. Remember what motivated you to lose weight. Make sure the weight range still also delivers the desired result.

The + and – certain amounts can be

+or –  1 lb

+or- 0.5Kg

+or- 1Kg

It should be no more than 2% of your total weight. So if your target weight is 70Kg the maximum you could + and – would be:

70kg x 2% = 1.4Kg

So you would add and subtract 1.4Kg to 70Kg thus your maximum weight range would be:

68.6Kg to 71.4Kg

To simplify it you could set it to:

69Kg to 71Kg

Or if you wanted to be really hard on yourself it could be + or – 0.5Kg then your weight range would be:

69.5Kg – 70.5Kg

Whatever  you choose make sure the weight range you set is reasonable, achievable and you are happy with. A weight range is for life not just for Christmas!


2. Set New Daily Calorie Intake

You can say goodbye to your old target calorie intake. Since you no longer need to lose weight your daily calorie intake can go up.  To work out what your new calorie intake should be visit and fill in the blanks.

When you do find out what this number is you should start to get a good good feeling.  Your mind will wander to being able to have that extra biscuit in the afternoon, a bigger portion of chips or even a whole extra meal. Woohoo!

3. Continue To Weigh Yourself Everyday

Unfortunately this still has to be done. You need to know where you are everyday. Even if you do feel slim, sexy healthy or whatever else was motivating you but it’s surprisingly how wrong you can be.  There have been times when I have felt heavy and been a lower weight than expected and vice versa.

Knowing your weight everyday lets you know what sort of eating plan you need to follow for the coming day. If your weight remains consistently under your target weight then fab. Pat yourself on your back.  If however there are days when your weight is above your target weight or above your target weight range then you will need to do points 4 and 5 below. Trust me. There will be times when this happens!

4. Lower Your Calorie Intake When You Are Above Your Target Weight

If you are above your target weight then you simply have to go back to your old lower target daily calorie intake.  It’s not rocket science.  You’ve been eating too many calories so you have put on weight.  It’s time to reduce your calorie intake.

So if for example you had the following stats:

Target Weight:


Weight Range:

74Kg – 76Kg

Old Daily Target Calorie Intake:


New Daily Calorie Intake:


Current Weight:


You can see that currently you are 0.3Kg above your target weight.  You would have to switch from eating 2,000 calories per day to 1,500 calories per day until you are at or below your target weight.  Then you can resume back to eating 2,000 calories per day.

You have to do this EVERYTIME you go above your target weight without question.  If you do not you will consistently put on weight over time.  You do not want this to happen. Remember why you got to your target in the first place.  Being your target weight is incredibly important to you and always will be.

However. I do understand. You are only human. You will slip up. And there may be times when you weigh above your target weight range. Gosh! Horror! This calls for drastic measures and you will need to do point 5. Read on. But brace yourself.

5. Starve Yourself When You Are Above Your Target Weight Range

Yes I did say starve. Do I really mean starve? Well sort of. But it’s not something you haven’t done before.  I have recommended previously that when you are looking like you’re not going to hit target and you’ve got a couple of days to spare to cut your daily calorie intake by up to 50%.  I just need you to do this again.  You need to do this everyday until you hit your target weight or below. I have some neat ways of how to do this in my 52 Step Program.

So using the above example figures with a current weight of 76.2Kg you would need to eat 1,500 calories per day until you hit 75Kg or below. This might take you one day or it may take you ten days. However long it takes you HAVE to do it. You do not have a choice.

PLEASE NOTE: Throughout this book I have not mentioned minimum amounts of protein, nutrients, vitamins etc. to eat to ensure you are eating a balanced diet.  I strongly suggest you use our little friend google to learn about eating a well balanced diet and don’t forget to calorie count!

So there you have it. The whole system of how to lose weight. Now for my big secret…..

Usually an author tells you about themselves at the start of a book boasting about their credentials to convince you they have got what it takes so you to part with your hard earned cash and purchase their book.  I couldn’t do that.

I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, physician, famous chef or TV personality.  So I had to leave that till the end of the book.  Find out how this system was created via my personal journey in the next chapter.

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