Step 6: Choose Your Start Date


We are now nearly two weeks in to the program.  You should already have a start date in mind.  It’s on a day and date that suits you based on your social, work and family commitments.  I now need you to run this start date by all the people who are close to you to get it’s final blessing.


1. Phone, text, email, skype or even see(!) anyone and everyone who is important to you and let them know of this date. Some will congratulate some will laugh but it needs to be done.  Ask them if they can think of any reason why you shouldn’t do it on that day.

2. Note any challenges to the date and still see if your start date still works.

3. If the date is challenged please revise the start date.

4. Repeat point 1 above until you get a start date that is unchallenged.

The reason I need you to do this is the start date is so important to be set correctly.  The last thing you need is your start date to fall on a surprise social function that your friend forgot to tell you about.  

Use the worksheet pdf attached to assist you coming up with your hit list of people.

Choose a Start Date - Download Now

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