Step 43: A Refreshing Drink That’s 50 Calories or Less

If you have hunger pangs and you want to save your calories for your next meal and avoid snacking, consider a drink instead. We previously discussed how a drink (particularly a cold one) can create a feeling of fullness and stop feelings of hunger in their tracks.

This next exercise involves makes a list of drinks that come in at under 50 calories per serving. Use the PDF attached. You can decide on the serving amount as long as it comes in at under the limit. You might want to stick to low calorie diet drinks for this exercise, as regular drinks, such as a standard can of coke, can contain around 150 calories. Try visiting your local supermarket (if you haven’t already) and make a list of low calorie or calorie free drinks.

Oh, and don’t forget – tap water is free and contains no calories at all.

Drinks Under 50 Calories - Download Now

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