Step 34: Learn About The Scientific Benefits Of Eating More Slowly

Eating slowly allows you to enjoy your meal a lot more. It also makes you less likely to suffer from obesity. There’s a science behind this, and it’s this science that I’d like you to research. Search the internet and see what you can find on the link between eating speeds and obesity. You’ll likely find a range of scientific studies, from academic bodies to health institutions. Use the attached PDF to record the 10 main benefits of eating slowly. Don’t worry if you can’t find all 10 – just find as many as you can.

Next time you have a meal I’d like you to record how long it takes to finish eating. If, for example, it takes you 15 minutes to consume a 600 calorie dinner, the following day try making the same dinner last 30 minutes. If this technique helps you can lengthen your other meals as well. Good luck!

Benefits of Eating Slowly - Download Now

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