Step 7: Who Do You Want To Be?


So….who do you want to be? Who do you admire? Is it your old self, a newly imagined self or someone else?  Now I am only talking physically and not mentally!  

I hope you have studied the weight tables in my book but that is just a guide.  I want you to do some real research.  

Think about celebrities and other well know people you like the look of and try and find out some vital statistics such as waist, height, weight, chest size etc.  Put some numbers to these people you admire and actually want to be.

Think about proportions as well.  It’s no point trying to emulate your favourite celebrity with a waist size of 40″ if he is 6ft 4″ and you are 5ft 2″!

Use my pdf attached to help you search out the celebrities and other notable people to aid you in choosing the right target weight.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s okay to want to look like someone else.  We are only trying to find a physical shape for you to aim for. We are not asking you to be that someone else….just have their physical body shape.  In reality you won’t look like them exactly as the big guy up there makes sure we add our own uniqueness to everything we manifest.

But hey before you decide on your target weight check out step 8 which I will send you tomorrow.  

If you’ve already started working your way through the 52 Steps and need to pick up where you left off, you can find the full list of Steps below.