We offer UNLIMITED telephone, text and email support to help you get to your target weight.  We can guide you through all the steps supporting you all the way by either telephone, email or both.  By joining our mentoring program we will:

  • Determine your target weight
  • Determine your weekly weight loss
  • Determine your target calorie intake
  • Create your target plan
  • Find out what will motivate you to lose weight
  • Discover the low calorie options of the food and drink you like to eat
  • Determine new and existing eating plans
  • Guide you through the 52 step program
  • Help you when you go off track so you stay on track
  • Answer any of your questions you may have about the Eat Anything diet
  • Determine your target weight range
  • Keep you within your target weight range

The cost of the mentoring package where you get UNLIMITED telephone, text and email support is only £99 per month with no minimum contract.  You can subscribe now by direct debit by clicking on the button below.