Step 18: Starting The First Day of Your Diet

Today is the first day of the rest of your life as a slimmer person. Before you do anything else, weigh yourself and make sure you’ve completed the weight loss plan provided in Step 10. Remember to weigh yourself at the same time every day.

I’d like you to create a list of weight loss tips that you can refer to throughout your weight loss journey. You use the attached PDF file. To get you started I’ve added one useful tip, you just need to find the others. If you prefer you can create your own list in Word or Excel.

If you know anyone who’s successfully lost weight, ask them for some tips and find out what worked for them and what didn’t. Remember, you may need to tailor any tips or advice you receive to suit your particular lifestyle.

Weight Loss Tips - Download Now

If you’ve already started working your way through the 52 Steps and need to pick up where you left off, you can find the full list of Steps below.