Step 47: If You’re Not Doing As Well As You’d Hoped, Try Starving

If you’re above your target weight range and behind schedule with your overall weight loss plan, I’d like you to consider starving. Now, when I say “Starve” I don’t meal eat nothing at all day after day. What I mean is I’d like you to skip breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks and snacks are okay, but nothing else.

If you’re not going to meet your weekly weight loss target then consider cutting 50% of your daily calorie intake until you do. Once you’re hitting your weekly weight loss target again you can go back to eating your normal weekly amount of calories.

Now I’d like you to do some research and find 10 reasons why starving/fasting can be beneficial. It shouldn’t be too difficult, as starving is a centuries old practice that’s been studied by scientists for almost as long. Record your findings in the attached PDF.

Reasons to Starve - Download Now

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