Step 31: Visiting Supermarkets You Haven’t Before and Discovering New Foods

We all have our favourite regular supermarkets where we do most of our shopping. However, trying different supermarkets, and perhaps ones you haven’t visited before, can be a good way of finding new healthy, low-calorie foods.

I’d like you to complete the attached PDF. The goal of this exercise is to visit several different supermarkets and record the various low calorie drinks, snacks and meals you find. I’ve completed the first entry so you have a better idea of what you need to do. The form has two blank boxes top right for you to add additional supermarkets not mentioned in the worksheet.

You could find that a “Healthy” curry ready-meal from Tesco has twice the calories of Aldi’s version of the same thing. It’s always worth shopping around. A major supermarket will usually replicate the prices of its closest rival, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to calories as well.

Try Different Supermarkets- Download Now

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