Step 10: Create the Target Plan

To successfully lose weight you need to know how many calories to eat each day. I’d like you to click here and use the online Body Weight Planner. It’s pretty self-explanatory. For those of you wishing to fine-tune your details, the Planner has an “Advanced” mode accessible by clicking in the top right. Think about the different aspects of your lifestyle and try to be prudent when estimating things like your daily physical activities.

Once all your data has been entered, the Planner will give you the number of calories to eat each day to reach your target weight.

Now that you know your daily calorie amount, you need to create a Target Plan. Planning may feel like a bit of a chore sometimes, but it’s an essential part of losing weight. Use Google and try searching for “Weight Loss Planning.” You’ll quickly see how important it is.

Have a look at the example plan attached to this Step (there’s also blank one attached for you to fill out). This plan is based on consuming 1400 calories a day. In the first column you can see weekly dates. The second column is for your target weight. We’re basing this example on losing 0.5Kg per week. The third column is for your actual weight. Try and weigh yourself at the same time and day every week. The final column is for recording your actual weight loss. Hopefully this will be around 0.5Kg per week.

If you’d rather create your own plan instead of using the blank template, try Excel or Google Sheets.

Example Plan - Download now
Blank Plan - Download Now

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