Step 46: Eat Breakfast And Lunch, But Skip Dinner Instead

In the previous two Steps we talked about skipping breakfast and lunch in order to reduce your daily calorie intake. If you prefer you can stick with breakfast and lunch and skip dinner instead. If you work long hours and get home late you might find it easy to skip your evening meal. However, even if you’re the sort of person who’s home by 17:30 I’d like you to think about doing without dinner. If you’re really hungry consider a low calorie snack or drink to fill you up before bed. Also remember that in Step 38 we discussed how brushing your teeth can act as an appetite suppressant. This might be something to try to stave off those hunger pangs.

Dinner is often a person’s biggest meal of the day. Let’s say you normally consume 650 calories for dinner. If you skip dinner every day of the week you’ll save a massive 4550 calories per week. That’s 650 calories a day – a saving that should be of great help in restarting your weight loss if you find that you’ve ‘plateaued’ and you’re not losing as much weight as when you started, or if you’re not losing any at all.

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