Step 29: Try Switching Off The TV When You Sit Down To Eat

We all like to watch a bit of TV when we’re eating, whether it’s the latest episode of our favourite Netflix show or a classic movie. The problem is that watching TV while you eat (what they call “Distracted Eating”) could be stifling your weight loss. I won’t tell you why, as I’d like you to find out yourself. Try Googling “TV and eating” and see what comes up. You can then used the PDF attachment to record five reasons why watching TV while eating might not be a good idea.

You might find it difficult to give up watching TV while you eat, particularly if it’s something you’ve always done. If this is the case, I’d like you to consider eating in a different room, moving the TV, or just ignoring distractions in the room and concentrating on your food.

5 Reasons to Switch off TV - Download Now

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