"Lose weight without exercising, eating and drinking what you like including carbs and alcohol"

Wow. What a title for a site. You are right to be skeptical of such a title so I will address this straight away. Let us dissect it right now……

“Lose Weight”  

If you follow the instructions contained within this site you will lose weight. Guaranteed.  It’s the rest of the title that needs justifying. So let us carry on.

“Without Exercising”

You can achieve weight loss without exercising. If you sat exactly where you are now and never moved and just drank water for the next 7 days I guarantee you you would have lost some weight.  Now I am not suggesting you do this!  However exercising is just one way to lose weight.

I am not a fan of exercising because it is very BORING. I even have a gym at home with a TV and sound system and I still can’t get the motivation to do a few reps on the cross trainer.  You get fed the myth that if you want to lose weight you need to exercise. This is completely untrue. Burning calories is one way to lose weight but eating less calories is another way to lose weight.

Do you know how many calories you would burn if you ran a mile? 114 calories.  So if I had to lose 114 calories and faced with the choice of running a mile or not eating a slice of bread I know what I would choose!

David Blaine sat in glass box in London for 44 days just drinking water and he lost 24.5kg. So he is living proof that you can be completely sedentary and lose weight.

So I want you to erase that long held belief that losing weight requires exercise. Go on. ERASE IT NOW!

If however you do like exercising then please carry on. This diet does not preclude you from exercising. It is just that exercising, whether you do it or not, plays no part in losing weight under my system.

“Eating And Drinking What You Like”

Hey, I’m going to let you in to a little secret. The secret is there is no secret! When it comes to losing weight you just have to eat less calories than you burn. You knew that. You didn’t need me to tell you that.  All the fad diets have to adhere to this principal in the long term.  It is basic physics, maths, biology or whatever your choice of science.

You can eat and drink whatever you like as long as the total sum of the calories is below or equal to your target daily intake which I will show you how to calculate.  So say for example your target intake is 1500 calories and your favorite donut is 200 calories and favorite drink is coca cola at 300 calories then yes you can have 6 donuts and coca cola and still lose weight.  You just need to know the calorific value of what you are eating.

Is it really that simple? Yes it is. Now having 6 donuts and a coca cola as your daily diet may not be the most sensible but if your goal is to lose weight and this is the only way you can see yourself getting through it then so be it.  You are not expected to be losing weight forever so for the period you choose to lose weight (which I help you set the period in this book) you really can eat and drink what you like.  Knowing this fact will be of great assistance to you to keep you on track.  It completely breaks the shackles and constraints you may have imagined when you think about losing weight.  You no longer need to picture bland salads, nut roasts, flavourless protein bars etc. as part of your calorie controlled diet.  You can mentally picture ice cream, chips, burgers or whatever your favourite foods are. As long as you know what calories they contain (which I will show you how) then you can eat them.

You feeling better now about this? No exercise. Eat and drink what you want. I hope so.  It is now alot easier to justify the last part of the title of this book:

“Including Carbs & Alcohol”

For my reasons stated above it actually doesn’t matter what you eat and drink.  I mention carbs and alcohol as these are the two things people love and crave but are told they can’t have if they want to lose weight.  What a load of rubbish.  It is the amount of calories you consume which determines how much weight you lose not what you eat.  I needed to hook you in somehow to read this site so I chose carbs and alcohol to include in the title.  Let’s call it marketing for now!

So if you want to eat a donut, a bag of chips and drink 4 pints of beer today you can. If the total calories is less than or equal to your target calorie intake then go ahead. You will lose weight. Science says so.

Nothing is off the menu. Sugar, butter, potatoes, steak, cheese, beer and wine are all acceptable. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. When you start seeing it work it doesn’t seem that crazy. In fact it will make complete total sense and you will be wondering why you hadn’t done this earlier.

OK so I hope I have justified the title enough for you to read on.  I lost 20kg (44 lbs) following this method.  I am living proof that this method works. My personal story is at the end of this site but don’t skip to that part. I have put it at the end for a reason.  I’m more interested in your story.  I want to know if this site will work for you.  So read on.

Will This Site Work For Me?

There are only two requisites you need for this site to work for you:

1. You need to use the internet

2. You do not have an eating or drinking disorder

1. You Need To Use The Internet

Ideally you need have access to and use the internet. The best way is via your smartphone but a laptop or desktop is fine.  We are going to use the internet to:

Calculate your daily target calorie intake

Get quick access to calorie contents of foods you are about to eat

Record your target and actual weekly weight

Doing these three things above are really important and you need access to the internet to do this.  Since you are reading this and we are in the 21st century I am going to assume you have this first requisite! The 2nd one is a bit more tricky.

2. You Do Not Have An Eating Or Drinking Disorder

Ah. The elephant is in the room.  If you eat to cheer yourself up, drink to drown your sorrows or consume anything to satisfy any emotional need then it’s going to be difficult.  I would suggest some therapy first and get your disorder in check and then come back to this site.

I tap in to the logical side of your brain however logic can’t override emotion.  I’m good but not that good! So if you think your weight situation is due to the compulsion to eat or drink please go and see your GP now! Please.  Once you have your emotions in check then come back to me.

So, do you use the internet and don’t have any eating or drinking disorders? Great! Let me reveal to you the strategy…..

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